Property Meld's vision is to radically improve how the property management industry handles property maintenance by offering intelligent maintenance. If you've ever had a maintenance issue at your housing rental, you know how much of a pain it can be to get it fixed quickly and reliably. It doesn't have to be this way.

We speak at conferences and on webcasts, we write and post blogs sharing how passionate we are about solving the maintenance headache. We have invented a platform that is changing the industry and redefining how maintenance is solved.

We have made a major impact in the past six years on both the industry and the tech start-up space, proven by our year-over-year growth. Our team has grown from three employees in 2016 to starting in 2023 with 47 employees. This has been accomplished by the strength of our product, our unique personality, our obsession to solve our customer’s problems, and our insanely talented team members.

As we continue to scale and grow the company, we are focused and intentional about creating opportunities that will continue to bring strength to our product and drive us all toward Property Meld’s mission:

“Delivering a positive maintenance experience, while intelligently improving efficiency and oversight.”

We are continuing this growth by opening a Customer Onboarding Manager role to own our customer experience from onboarding and implementation, to training, education, and support.

At its core, the Customer Onboarding Manager's job is to ensure the experience of our customers in Property Meld is a positive experience by providing guidance, training, implementation, and support through their first four weeks after signing up.

The Customer Onboarding Manager (COM) will be chiefly responsible for driving post-sales customer adoption and success in Property Meld, with the ultimate goal of customer retention. This individual should be comfortable at consulting with a tenured audience and have a strong understanding of their business objectives.

The Customer Onboarding Manager role is for someone who has high attention to detail and enjoys providing a thorough problem-solving experience. Someone who enjoys multidimensional communication.

This role is responsible for driving the onboarding and implementation experience for customers in order to build customer lifetime value. On average this role will complete 25 onboardings per month, dedicating approximately 6 hours per implementation per month. COMs are accountable for continuing to make the implementation process at Meld more efficient. This will include strict communication with the product teams on roadblocks and what customers are looking forward during this time. The COM is accountable for reporting important metrics that should be tracked during the initial 90-day period in order to start building a structured format for customer health and be able to intelligently navigate whether or not a customer is at risk.

A successful Customer Onboarding Manager is an agile and quick learner, that acts with humility and implements feedback quickly. Additionally, Property Meld’s Customer Onboarding Managers will be comfortable communicating areas of improvement on all levels for the overall improvement of a positive maintenance experience.

A Little About You
You are ready to roll up your sleeves to support our customers in the use of our product, ensuring a positive experience. You thrive in an environment where the customer is always top of mind, and every action is based on the impact. You are meticulous in your attention to detail and have a proven track record for identifying areas of improvement that would normally be missed.

You are experienced in business management, SaaS account management, customer service, or strategic consulting. You have a proven track record of successfully building customer relationships at multiple levels of an organization.

You are someone who is able to operate independently, and as part of a team. We value people who stand for what they believe in and challenge themselves and their team members to produce the highest results.

You’re committed to a high standard of integrity and work ethic throughout your workflows. Last, but not least, you bring a unique perspective and personality to the table.


✔️ Grit - do you run towards problems or not... and how's your stamina in those problem times/moments?

✔️ Humility - how open are you to your own flaws and therefore coaching, and how active is it to your DNA of success?

✔️ Ambition - do you want to be a bigger version of yourself? Something big/bold vision that you're holding yourself to of achieving in the long run.

✔️ Intellectual Curiosity - without being asked, how much do you peel into 'what could be better' in the world around you on a regular basis (doesn't have to be limited to your role).

✔️Communication - your ability to inspire and influence those around you toward your idea/vision/goal/objective.

Here’s What You Can Earn
The starting salary for this position is on-target earnings of $55,000-$85,000 annually with a combination of base + bonus structure. There is no cap to your earning potential.

Our benefits package is designed to be a part of our employees’ story of living well. We believe in our adult professional culture, where we have reasonable working hours, vacation time used for rejuvenation, employee wellness, and health, and employee development,

· Healthcare through Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
· Dental through Beam
· Vision through Beam

· $25,000.00 Life Insurance Policy sponsored by Property Meld
· Two Weeks PTO annually, and allotted upon hire

· One Week Meld Cares PTO annually, this time is for volunteering and giving back to our communities

· Employee Equity Program, each team member shares in the success we are achieving