This is Your Opportunity!

Property Meld is a rapidly growing software company looking for a talented and ambitious individual to join our team as a Mid-Market Account Executive.

This is your opportunity to grow with us in an exciting and rewarding environment that provides outstanding service to our customers.

Here’s What We Do

Property Meld’s mission is to radically improve how the property management industry handles property maintenance by offering intelligent maintenance.

We are a hyper-growth SaaS (Cloud) company turning property management maintenance on its head. Have you ever had to get something fixed when renting and remember the hassle and headache involved? Well, we are changing the game on resident experience and improving efficiencies and oversight for Property Managers and Vendors. We have made a significant impact in the past six years on both the industry and the tech start-up space, proven by our year-over-year growth. As we continue to expand, we are looking for an exceptional, talented Mid-Market Account Executive to join our Solutions team.

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This Is What You Will Do

As a Mid-Market Account Executive, you will help us reach premier mid-market clients and showcase the benefits of our service. By developing relationships built on trust between our team and theirs, you will link our exceptional service to their future success. You will be responsible for engaging with future customers, driving new business, exceeding quota and revenue goals, ensuring successful implementation and adoption, and maintaining the business relationship for future account growth.

You will share industry expertise and demonstrate how Property Meld improves efficiency and oversight through video conferencing and other techniques. While there are aspects of maintaining and nurturing a sales funnel through email campaigns and phone calls that are very important, this role is so much more than that. This position is responsible for bringing Property Meld’s personality and obsession to solve the problem to every prospect.

These Are Our Must-Haves

Candidates for this position must have a positive attitude, a strong desire to achieve results, and the drive to grow personally and professionally. Additionally:
✔️ Grit - do you run towards problems or not... and how's your stamina in those problem times/moments?

✔️ Humility - how open are you to your own flaws and therefore coaching, and how active is it to your DNA of success?

✔️ Ambition - do you want to be a bigger version of yourself? Something big/bold vision that you're holding yourself to of achieving in the long run.

✔️ Intellectual Curiosity - without being asked, how much do you peel into 'what could be better' in the world around you on a regular basis (doesn't have to be limited to your role).

✔️Communication - your ability to inspire and influence those around you toward your idea/vision/goal/objective.


  • Possess an expert understanding of the sales processes
  • Understand the value of building business relationships
  • Receptive to learning software capabilities and developing analytic abilities


  • Display exemplary oral and written communications
  • Manage multiple premier mid-market projects, meet deadlines, and be mentally agile
  • Demonstrate value by leveraging influence, building trust, and managing relationships
  • Demonstrate the ability to build a business case through discovery conversations


  • Operate independently with little supervision and as part of a team
  • Collaborate with leadership to strategize mid-market projects
  • Stay organized and take a disciplined approach to responsibilities
  • Manage conflict and adapt to changing conditions
  • Ability to learn and share the expertise of products and trends to custom fit client needs
  • Develop and build a premier mid-market client base, working with leadership to fully develop the Mid-Market Account Executive functions in the organization
  • Confidence to hold ground and push back when necessary

    History of
  • Sold/ implemented multiple $M per year in services
  • Managing contracts that exceeded $100k/y
  • Successfully building own lead generation pipeline
  • Developing strategic relationships at all levels of the company-internal technicians up through executive C-suite
  • Acting as a leader and influencing employees at all levels of the business
  • Building lifetime value of the customer

These Are Our Great-To-Haves

Candidates in this category are highly competitive for selection and advanced promotion. They possess these qualifications, attributes, and competencies:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Communications, or related fields
  • Four or more years of successful sales experience
  • Show a strong ability to think creatively, strategically, and analytically
  • Thrive in fast-paced environments
  • Display a strategic business sense
  • Extend positive influence beyond the scope of their position and duties

Here’s What You Can Earn
The on-target earnings of this role are between $140,000-$180,000 annually with a combination of base salary + commission + bonus structure. There is no cap to your earning potential.

Our benefits package is designed to be a part of our employees’ story of living well. We believe in our adult professional culture, where we have reasonable working hours, vacation time used for rejuvenation, employee wellness, and health, and employee development,

Are You Ready for the Challenge? Come join us on our mission.

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