SaaS Business Development Representative

Property Meld's mission is to radically improve how the property management industry handles property maintenance by offering our Intelligent Maintenance platform. If you've ever had a maintenance issue at your housing rental, you know how much of a pain it can be to get it fixed quickly and reliably. It doesn't have to be this way.

As we continue to scale and grow the company, we are intentional and deliberate about the talent and personality we bring in, ensuring our brand is driving the conversation of who we are at Property Meld, and why our customers are crazy about us.

We are continuing this growth by hiring additional Business Development roles to own the front-end conversations on introducing Property Meld to those who don’t know us.

The Impact of the Job and Work
To its core, the Business Development Representative’s job is all about increasing awareness and interest. There is an emphasis on cold-calling and drip email campaigns, however, this role is so much more than that. This position is responsible for bringing Property Meld’s personality and obsession to solve the industry’s biggest headache: Maintenance coordination.

This is a role for someone who has the grit to pick up the phone and start a conversation. Someone who has a mix of high energy and can strategically think. Someone who sees the value in being rewarded and recognized for their hard work. If you love to win and crave personal and professional growth, this is the role for you.

A successful Business Development Representative is an agile and fast learner that implements feedback quickly and has strong communication skills. We will teach you everything else you need to be successful. No sales experience is required.

During a day in the life of a Business Development Representative you will:

  • Enjoy a cup of Pure Bean coffee every day.
  • Work with your team on creative strategies to help target our market.
  • Maintain relationships and communication with your leads in our CRM.
  • Perform high-level discovery calls with your prospects to determine if they’re a good fit for Property Meld.
  • Conduct/perform prospecting activities – cold calls, sending emails, social strategies, etc.
  • Help drive company revenue by booking qualified meetings for your prospects to see a demonstration of our software.
  • Be dedicated to learning about the industry and about how maintenance-related issues can negatively impact a property management company.
  • Work as a team to hit monthly and quarterly goals.
  • Strive to grow and become a quota crusher.
  • Don’t forget to hop on one of our scooters and get some fresh air.

A Little About You
You have a drive for success for yourself, but also for the success of your company. You’re efficient and work smarter to achieve your goals. You’re familiar with monthly goals and metrics and have a proven track record of excelling.

You enjoy traveling and meeting new people. Overall, you love learning and the application of knowledge.

You can operate independently, and as part of a team. We value people who stand for their values and challenge themselves and their team members to produce the highest results.


✔️ Grit - do you run towards problems or not... and how's your stamina in those problem times/moments?

✔️ Humility - how open are you to your own flaws and therefore coaching, and how active is it to your DNA of success?

✔️ Ambition - do you want to be a bigger version of yourself? Something big/bold vision that you're holding yourself to of achieving in the long run.

✔️ Intellectual Curiosity - without being asked, how much do you peel into 'what could be better' in the world around you on a regular basis (doesn't have to be limited to your role).

✔️Communication - your ability to inspire and influence those around you toward your idea/vision/goal/objective.

Here’s What You Can Earn
The starting salary for this position is on-target earnings of $50,000-$65,000 annually with a combination of base + commission structure. There is no cap to your earning potential.

Our benefits package is designed to be a part of our employees’ story of living well. We believe in our adult professional culture, where we have reasonable working hours, vacation time used for rejuvenation, employee wellness, and health, and employee development,

· Healthcare through Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
· Dental through Beam
· Vision through Beam

· $25,000.00 Life Insurance Policy sponsored by Property Meld
· Two Weeks PTO annually, and allotted upon hire

· One Week Meld Cares PTO annually, this time is for volunteering and giving back to our communities

· Employee Equity Program, each team member shares in the success we are achieving

Are You Ready For the Challenge?

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