Property Meld is hiring a Senior Product Manager

TLDR; If you are an experienced PM that excels at understanding users inside and out, turning complexity into concrete projects, prioritizing what matters, shipping really good products over and over, this is a great gig, with great people and you can make a significant impact.

An email exchange about how awful the experience was to get the sink fixed in his rental caused our founders to start Property Meld. Fast forward five years … we are a growing, funded, early -stage SaaS company in need of an experienced Product Manager to help us move to the next level.

So what is the next level for Meld? It’s moving from early adopters to widespread adoption. It’s moving our customers from being successful to being outspoken advocates. The next level is hard to get to, many companies don’t make it. It requires removing the signal from the noise and focusing on the right work at the right time.It requires deep understanding of what all the stakeholders in the process care about and being able to balance those, sometimes conflicting, needs. It means knowing what you are building towards and then saying no to everything that is tangential.

We are serious about making this leap and we know that we need a talented Product Manager to get there. If this challenge sounds exciting (and maybe even a little scary) then you may be the right candidate.


This role requires a candidate that is broad in what they can do. Because we are a startup everyone has to solve problems that get in the way. You know how to clear any obstacles that get in your way of delivering product. It doesn’t mean you are expected to do everything, you are part of a team that includes a designer and a junior product manager.

This role requires being able to see the forest through the trees and vice versa. Building software requires wrestling with many unknowns and requires continual refinement until solutions start emerging. This isn’t a job for someone that is uncomfortable dealing in the unknown or for someone that expects the problems to be well defined by someone else.

Great products start with clear customer requirements. This role as directly as possible must understand the customer. That means picking up the phone and calling customers directly to understand their problems completely. With this knowledge you will be able to clearly see the requirements and as a result deliver the most impactful solutions. When development asks questions you need to be able to answer from a customer perspective with confidence bordering on authority and when you don’t know, you are the first to say so, and then you go find out.

In a software company there is always more work than resources. The ability to prioritize the right things in the right order is critical to succeeding. You will be critical to evolving the roadmap in a way that helps move the product forward in the most meaningful way possible.

We are learning to deliver software iteratively. We are moving towards an always be shipping mentality, but we are not there yet. This role needs to be able to turn a larger project into a series of smaller but still congruent releases. This role must also be able to write specs that clearly communicate what the engineering team needs. You will be responsible for shipping feature releases from beginning to end, including getting customer feedback on the feature you just shipped and incorporating some of those changes before moving onto the next release.

This role is the hub of communication both inside the product team and with sales, marketing and support. Everyone will know exactly what the product team is working on and why because of your efforts. You will have brought those stakeholders in early in the roadmap process and built consensus around the plan and strategy.

Bottom-line this position has the potential to change the trajectory of Property Meld. In time you will be a big reason for the success of the company. Users of the product will be singing its praises, the company will be growing faster and stronger and you will know that you were significant in making that happen. We will feel better about ourselves as a company and product team with you as part of it.


You have several years experience working as a Program Manager in a startup environment.

You have the ability to quickly synthesize information. You’re an excellent communicator. You’re experienced. You’ve done this before. You want to do it again. You want to do it for us.

We are not looking for someone who believes that more hours is the same as good work. We are looking for someone that is efficient and balanced in their approach. You’ll have 8 hours a day to dedicate to work. We expect you’ll use the rest of your time to sleep and enjoy the rest of your life. You’ll report directly to the VP of Engineering.


The starting salary for this position is $125,000.

Candidates MUST be eligible for full-time employment in the United States.

The product team at Property Meld is a remote-work organization. We require 4 hours of overlap time, daily, with the Mountain Time Zone. The position is 99% remote, with the following non-pandemic exceptions: Once a year, the total company gets together for a week of getting to know each other and to better understand the big picture of the company and how we work in each department and role. Two times per year the product team gets together in the same physical location to get to know each other better and work through interesting challenges together. In addition once a quarter, on your schedule, you are expected to visit with a customer and shadow them learning how they are using and not using our product.

We value diverse points of view and know that our differences make us stronger, we believe in fostering a place to work that is open, welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and healthy. We strongly encourage applications from individuals who are under-represented in the tech industry, across color, creed, race, ethnic and national origin, physical ability, gender and sexual identity, or any other basis.

Our benefits package is designed to be a part of our employees’ story of living well. We believe in our culture of trust and respect, where we have reasonable working hours, vacation time used for rejuvenation, employee wellness & health, and employee development,

· Healthcare through Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

· Dental through Delta Dental

· Vision through Avasis

· 401K through Guideline

· Competitive Compensation Structure

· Three Weeks PTO annually, and allotted upon hire

· Personalized Remote Work Equipment- You select what equipment will work best for you

· Travel Opportunities- Meetups with the company 1-3 times a year

Are you ready for the challenge?